Ryan's Elfcahest Thief


Lvl: 5
Str: 13
Int: 10
Wis: 14
Dex: 13
Con: 14
Cha 10
- +1 to hit melee
HP: 24
CB: +2
AC: 15
Gold: 5
EXP: 32,000
SAVE: 12
AGE: 27

-Athletics: d10^
-Culture: d6^
-Devices: d10
-Senses: d10^^
-Stealth: d10

1Q sword- d6
2Q nin star- d4
3Q tools
4Q bow
5Q arrow
6Q 2 nets
7Q 2 smoke bombs
8 12 spikes
9 small hammer
10 50’ rope
11 7 days rations
12 armour
13 armour

ex 1 bolas
ex 2 comfry

Class Abilities:
-Backstab: Catch and opponent unaware and get +4 to attack and deal multiple dice of damage based on level. See chart above.

-Dual Wield: +2 to hit when dual wielding, instead of +1.

-Swashbuckling: +2 AC in light or no armour.

-Honed Perks: The thief gets to choose a Thief Progression Tree to allow them to perform more efficiently. This tree is progressed with perk points that are gained with every level.

Theif Progression Tree
1) Rogue
-Unseen Force You gain an extra +2 chance to hit when attacking from stealth. You also gain an immediate move of up to 2 spaces after a stealth attack.

-S.E.P. If you are in stealth within 3 spaces of at least 5 enemies, you are invisible to the naked eye.

-Snake’s Strike You deal an extra 2 damage when attacking from stealth.

Racial Abilities:
-Smite: Pray for a target to be smitten by the gods for 4d10 holy damage. Does not work if the target is a member of your religion.

-Elemental form: Assume a form equal to yourself made of one element, giving you the powers, affinities and weaknesses of that element. Lasts 1d6 turns.

-Glyphs of Striking: Requires one (1) turn of concentration to place this glyph. This glyph, when activated, allows the bearer to use (1, 2, 3, 4) extra melee abilities in one round. This does not affect their ability to succeed.


Trait: Reasonable
5/10 endowment


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