Lasphedei "C" Ceno

Ryans Viridae Paladin


Viridae Paladin
Lvl: 5
Str: 12
Int: 10
Wis: 16
Dex: 8
Con: 11
Cha: 10
Luck: 0
HP: 16
CB: 3
AC: 16
Exp: 16,660/32,000 (660/16,000)
Gold: 427
Save: 11
Age: 14

Miracle Casting: (lvl-1)+(wis mod)+(holy symbol)= +7-difficulty

-Senses: d8

1Q Pavise shield
2Q Maul
3Q Maul
5 2 Slabadin Insta-Wall Slabs
6 Silver Holy Symbol
7 Heavy Armour
8 Heavy Armour
9 Heavy Armour
10 Heavy Armour
11 Heavy Armour
12 Heavy Armour
2 14 rations
Ex Back Pack

-Sun Shard: Pray to conjure a shard of pure radiance to throw at a target. The shard deals 1d8 holy damage. If thrown at any evil, chaotic, shadow, demonic, or undead, this shard deals 3d8 holy damage. The shard also leaves behind one Radiant Sigil at the point of impact.

-Begone THOT: When successfully casted, smites all thots within a 5ft radius, dealing 2d8 holy damage. Subject to save. Thots of same religion are immune.

-Serenity: Pray to have all damage dealt converted to healing. Lasts one round. Enemies are likely not to realize the effect at first.

Class Abilities:
-Healing: Paladins may pray for divine healing once per day per patient. A paladin must have a holy symbol in order to pray. The basic roll is 2d6+paladin level-HD to be healed. Diseases and poisons may be healed as well, rated from 1 to 5 in difficulty, or by the HD of the creature that caused them. A paladin may resurrect a dead character at a difficulty of 9 (with no great success possible).

-Aura of Protection: The paladin and 1 ally per level within 1 zone (6 squares) have +1 AC vs evil or chaotic attacks or effects.

-Detect Evil: The paladin may concentrate for 1 turn to detect the presence of supernatural evil or chaotic creatures, items, and effects within 60ft.


8/10 endowment
7/10 swimming

Lasphedei "C" Ceno

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