Ryan's Kobold Machinist


Str: 13
Int: 13
Wis: 15
Dex: 15
Con: 12
Cha: 9
Luck: 6
HP: 30
CB: +3
AC: 15
Gold: 297
EXP: 130, 300
lvl: 8
Age: 16

1Q sword
2Q tools
3Q Laser_Custom
4Q dagger
5Q crossbow
6Q Blunt Saxophone
7Q Lantern
8Q Military oil
9 1 wk rations
10 armour
11 armour
12 armour
13 armour

ex 50’ rope
ex grappling hook

Special Items:
-Laser_Custom: [d4, d6, d8, 2d6]
Has a capacitor that stores a charge (ammo)
Has a scope that gives +1 to hit (scope)
-Blunt Saxophone
Medium Weapon, Can be played at the start of combat to give all allies double damage.
Character traits:
-Strong: do min 5 damage with melee attacks
-Believer: ?

-Devices: d10
-Senses: d6^

Racial Abilities:
-roll two d20 instead of one

Class Abilities:
-Build Automatons: At 1st level the machinist builds an automaton with 1⁄2 HD that fights as a monster of its HD, deals 1d4 damage, and moves as a human. The automaton can take any form the machinist desires as long as it is approximately the size of a halfling. Automatons are mindless drones who must be ordered to act, taking up the machinist’s action in combat to command. Automatons cannot be healed naturally or magically but the machinist may restore 1hp per class level per hour only if machinist tools are on hand.

Over a season, the machinist may spend 2,000gp per HD to increase the automaton’s HD. Machinists gain XP from this activity as if from magical research. Machinists may also spend 2,000gp gold to grant an automaton one of the following abilities: second attack, burrow fly or swim (12 squares), double land movement, increased die size of damage, ranged attack (close range/1d6 damage), increased ranged attack range, +2 AC to a maximum of 18. The machinist may have any number of automatons with HD equal to or less than twice his or her level, though an individual automaton may have at most 10HD, though at 10HD, the automaton can be given a final upgrade to have basic situation parsing.

Legendary: Gunsmith Clyve’s Research Notes-Using these notes, you are able to forge weapons with 2 upgrades per part of the weapon.



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