Ryan's Shadow Priest Kobold


Str: 13
Int: 10
Wis: 14
Dex: 11
Con: 12
Cha: 13
Luck: 12
HP: 8
AC: 10
Gold: 554
EXP/lvl: 5,048/ 3
Save: 12
Age: 12

1 Ag symbol
2 Ag dagger
3 5 poison darts
4 common oil
5 2 wks rations


-Interaction: d8
-Senses: d6^
-Loremastery: Priests get a free NOVICE level in a unique skill, Loremastery. This allows them to know ancient and forbidden lore, identify runes, and otherwise know areas of scholarship covered only by advanced levels in Culture, Religion, or Arcana. This ability does not grant languages. This skill advances automatically with class level and does not need to be advanced in the normal way (by rolling 1s). d8

Class Abilities:
-Inspire Courage: Once per day per level the priest may perform for 1 turn before a battle in order to grant allies a +1 bonus on attacks, saves, and ability checks for the duration of the combat.

-Divine Aid: The priest or an ally may reroll one roll per day and take the best result

-Prayers: Priests may pray for divine aid an unlimited number of times per day. A priest must have a holy symbol to use prayers. The four types of prayer are Turning, Healing, Dispelling, and Protecting. The basic roll is 2d6+priest level-difficulty. The specific difficulty number depends on the task attempted. A Priest may only attempt a type of prayer on a target 1/day (e.g., only one heal on each ally per day)

-Turning: Turn away undead and supernatural creatures (demons, etc.) with a successful roll. Difficulty = target HD.

-Healing: Once per day per patient. Heal a number of patient’s HD (max 9) equal to the chosen difficulty number.
Diseases and poisons are rated 1 to 5 in difficulty, or by the HD of the creature that caused them. A priest can resurrect a
dead character with a difficulty of 9 (great success means no aging effect).

-Dispelling: Dispel a magical effect with difficulty equal to half caster level of the originator.

Protecting: Priests can create abjurations around themselves. Unlike other prayers this effect takes a day of preparation and does not require a roll to go into effect. As long as the priest’s abjuration is in effect the priest and 1 other ally per level within 30ft. gets a +1 to AC and saving throws against attacks or effects by opponents of the priest’s religion. To touch one so protected an enchanted creature must challenge the abjuration, at which point the priest makes a roll with the attacker’s HD as the difficulty number. A roll of 5 or less means the abjuration ends immediately; a roll of 6 8 means the creature gets one attack off but the abjuration continues afterward; a roll of 9+ means the creature fails to break through the abjuration.

Racial Abilities:
-Roll two d20’s instead of one

Known Spells:
-elemental from: Assume a form equal to yourself made of one element, giving you the powers, affinities and weaknesses of that element. Lasts 1d6 turns.

-Glyphs of Amplitude: Requires one (1) turn of concentration to place this glyph. This glyph, when activated, amplifies the next spell to be one success higher, so long as casting the spell does not fail.

Known Miracles:
-Mind blast: Spike a target’s mind dealing 1d8 non-lethal mental damage. If they fall unconscious due to this, gain another action.


5/10 endowment
Acts like an evil sherlock holmes


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